Sarah Patterson

As the newest of the CLC Managers I have been consistently surprised by the amazing work that this sector can achieve with minimal resources, skeleton staff, and consistent uncertainty around viability and sustainability. But we do. In fact we thrive! I believe that our success is due to the passion and commitment of our members, and strong, committed governance that supports the sector to implement best practice models, work collaboratively, and leverage new opportunities for growth and success.

I am currently the General Manager of Midlas, a CLC in Midland, and hold undergraduate degrees in Communication and Culture, and a Master’s Degree in Business Leadership. I have specialised in strategic planning, governance, and organisational culture and am excited to share these skills and experience with the other members of the Executive Committee and work collaboratively for the benefit of the sector as a whole.

General Manager, Midland Information, Debt and Legal Advocacy Service (Midlas)