Louellyn Gane

I have worked in the CLC sector for almost 15 years, having been employed by the Aboriginal Family Violence Unit in Geraldton as the principal solicitor, Sussex Street Community Law Service as the principal solicitor and manager, Goldfields Community Legal Centre as the principal solicitor and I have been the principal solicitor at the Northern Suburbs Community Legal Centre now for a few years.

My passion is this sector, our clients and us as employees. The WA community legal centre sector is a strong one, and I am excited about its future and our place in the national landscape. I am looking forward to the opportunity to contribute on a deeper level to the sectors future.

I believe that my experience across the regional and metropolitan areas of WA give me a good understanding about the issues that impact on services across the state, and hopefully I can impart some of this knowledge while also learning new skills.

Principal Solicitor,  Northern Suburbs Community Legal Centre