Sarah Toovey

Sarah is currently the General Manager of Ruah Legal Services and has worked in the Community Legal Sector since 2017. Ruah Legal Services launched in November 2019, following a merger between the Mental Health Law Centre (MHLC) and Ruah Community Services. As a result of the merger, Ruah Legal Services has been able to establish integrated services that help people address their psycho-social needs in conjunction with providing end-to-end legal assistance.

Sarah has a Master of Human Rights and prior to returning to Australia in 2017 she spent two years in central Africa working in the monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian aid projects. Sarah is passionate about equipping staff with data management systems and processes that enable them to collect quality data without causing undue burden. This background in data management led MHLC to launch ActionStep in 2018, which has been a gamer changer for the practice.

General Manager, Ruah Legal Services