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Consumer Credit Legal Service 

Linda* had separated from her partner and lived with her adult son and dependent grand-daughter.  Linda approached the Consumer Credit Legal Service with large debts from a variety of lenders.  At that time, she was ready to declare bankruptcy which would remain on her credit file for 7 years making it difficult for Linda to access credit into the future.

Linda’s financial hardship stemmed from the fact her bank failed in their responsibility to assess Linda’s financial position and establish if she had the capacity to repay the loan without experiencing substantial hardship. Linda was therefore granted an unsuitable home loan which forced her into a spiral of debt. 

The Consumer Credit Legal Service assisted Linda to establish breaches of these responsible lending obligations.   This action resulted in Linda receiving a refund of all interest, fees and charges, worth over $90,000.  This left her debt free and with $50,000 cash in hand!  Linda came back from bankruptcy and now looks forward to a healthy financial future thanks to the legal representation provided by the Consumer Credit Legal Service.

* Real names have not been used to respect the confidentiality of clients.