Assisted by

The Humanitarian Group 

Marie* is from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She publicly criticised the government’s failure to address human rights abuses. After one of her statements was broadcast on television, she was visited at home in the middle of the night by armed men. Marie fled and hid before coming to Australia. The Humanitarian Group helped her apply for protection in 2012.

Unfortunately, in 2014 Marie’s original application was refused. The Humanitarian Group helped Marie apply to, and represented her at, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for a review of the refusal decision. In 2016, the Tribunal held that Marie was a refugee and remitted Marie’s case back to the Department of Home Affairs to remake the decision.

Marie has since been granted a protection visa and can now start the next chapter of her life as a permanent resident of Australia.

 * Real names have not been used to respect the confidentiality of clients.