• It matters to the woman trying to escape family violence and cannot afford to lose the roof over her children’s head.

  • It matters to the man who has lost his job due to Covid and has debt collectors knocking at his door.

  • It matters to the family in financial hardship who need to know their rights about tenant evictions

We believe access to justice should be a right for all Western Australians.

Community legal centres are important as they help people who cannot afford to access the justice system. 

Centres provide free or low-cost legal help in our community in areas such as:

  • family and domestic violence,
  • parenting arrangements and child protection,
  • employment law, wage theft and job security,
  • housing insecurity arising from tenancy problems and homelessness,
  • financial problems like fines and debts, welfare payments and consumer complaints; and
  • mental health issues.

We believe people with a legal problem should be able to get the legal help they need; at the time they need it most. 

Access to legal help can also stop a person's legal problem getting worse and reduce the cost to the justice system and in other areas such as health and housing.

Why Legal Help Matters?

Please note, real names and images have not been used to respect the confidentiality of clients.

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