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Community Legal WA provides a Members Area on our website for staff and volunteers from community legal centres in Western Australia to access.   The purpose this platform is to allow participation and sharing of information between CLCs, the provision of additional resources, and information regarding training and event opportunities.

You are required to register to access this section of the website, and agree that: 

  • Community Legal WA encourages your discussion and opinion however we ask that you keep the discussion respectful. Any form of bullying, trolling or abusive comments or messages will be deleted.
  • If a user engages in this behaviour more than once Community Legal WA reserve the right to block access to the Memebers Area.
  • Any content that is determined to be spam will be deleted. If a user posts spam more than once, that user will be blocked.

 Community Legal WA reserves the right to enforce these guidelines at our discretion.

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