• Community legal centres have been squeezed with no significant increase in funding for 5 years.

  • Almost one third of community legal centres reduced their public access hours last year, as they did not have the resources to take on any new clients.

  • In 2018-19 centres attracted 70,000 hours in volunteer and pro bono contributions. This is equivalent to almost 40 full time jobs.

  • We are expecting an avalanche of people needing legal help when JobSeeker and JobKeeper payments are wound back and the Covid moratorium on evictions ends.

Prior to Covid-19, community legal centres were already struggling to keep up with the demand for legal help.  Demand increased from April 2020 when the impact of Covid-19 became apparent.  Whilst centres appreciated the additional one-off Covid-19 support they received, the funding will soon run out. 

That's why we are asking the WA Government to commit to sustainable funding for community legal centres. 

Find out more about  our ask for secure funding: A Just Recovery: Securing legal help for those who need it most. 

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