Chuck Berger, Chair

I am the current Manager of Kimberley Community Legal Services (KCLS), and I am very pleased to have been elected Chair of the Executive Committee. The community legal sector is almost unique in Australia in that it still maintains a strong decentralised, grassroots focus that allows us to be embedded in and responsive to the communities in which we operate. Unlike many other areas of human services, we haven’t consolidated into large national or international enterprises. That’s our strength, but it also means we have to stretch ourselves to work together, learn from each other, and even flex our muscle together from time to time.

Remote legal centres like ours in the Kimberley face a unique set of challenges, and I believe that makes it all the more important to cooperate closely with our colleagues in the big cities. Before joining KCLS in late 2016, I worked as CEO of Outdoors Victoria for several years, and before that as a corporate lawyer, and lawyer and strategist for the Australian Conservation Foundation. I’ve dedicated most of my professional life to community organisations, and hope that I can add a new and fresh perspective to our state peak body.

Manager, Kimberley Community Legal Services Inc