WA State Government Submissions 

Participation of People Living with Disabilities in Jury Service Discussion Paper. May 2020

A Therapeutic Approach (Pilot Court) for Protection & Care in the Children's Court of WA. March 2020

Inquiry into the Magistrates Court of Western Australia’s management of matters involving family and domestic violence.  October 2019

10 Year Strategy for Reducing Family and Domestic Violence. June 2019

Local Government Act Review. Rates and Financial Hardship (Submission by Financial Counselling Network) March 2019

Policy Briefs prepared for the WA Attorney General June 2017

Pre Budget Submission November 2016 

Commonwealth Government Submissions 

Submission to Joint Select Committee on Australia's Family Law System: Inquiry into Australia's Family Law System - December 2019

WA-Submission-Review-of-National-Partnership-Agreement-Legal-Assistance-2015-2020.pdf October 2018 

Access to Legal Assistance Services April 2015