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Suite 6, Charlotte Lodge, 2 Sutton Street Mandurah 6171 

Peel Community Legal Services provides a number of services ranging from general legal advice, community legal education and advocacy to law reform opportunities on behalf of communities in the Peel region.


There are no costs associated with this service.

  • The client is a disadvantaged member of the community – including but not limited to financial, cultural, health or disability
  • The client resides within the Peel region
  • The client has been referred by another CLC and is unable to be seen by that CLC due to a conflict
  • The client earns under $50,000 per year

Peel Community Legal Services offer free legal advice, free advocacy and community education. Some examples of the areas of advice are:

  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Centrelink
  • Child Support Agency matters
  • Tenancy issues
  • Credit and debt

Free WA Family Law Property Information Sessions


Mandurah Office: 9:00am - 4:30pm, Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri

Regional Outreach: 9:00am - 4:30pm Wednesday alternating location

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