T: 08 9622 5200     |     F: 08 9622 5700     |  W: www.wheatbeltclc.com.au  
327 Fitzgerald Street, Northam WA 6401

Contact: Please call (08) 9622 5200 during normal business hours or email: [email protected].
Service Changes: All appointments and assistance will be provided by telephone or video conferencing, if preferred. We are however, closed to walk-ins.  Please telephone in with your enquiries. If you have any court orders, please email them through to our administration in readiness for telephone consultations/appointments.  We are continuing to represent clients in the Magistrates, Family and Children’s Court jurisdictions via audio-link or video-link.  Unfortunately, our outreach service is temporarily suspended. However we will continue to service these areas via teleconferencing and video link ups.


The Wheatbelt Community Centre is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that provides free legal and tenancy advice to community members within the Wheatbelt Region. We have a strong focus on problem solving and dispute resolution through early intervention and inter-agency co-operation.

There are no costs associated with this service.


People living in the Wheatbelt region.

  • Criminal Injuries Compensation
  • Family Violence Restraining Orders
  • Family Law (involving children)
  • Child Protection
  • Consumer law issues
  • Criminal (Minor charges) and Traffic
  • Minor Civil Claims
  • Debts (including Centrelink, credit cards, loans)
  • Probate and Estates (Advice Only)
  • Neighbourhood Disputes 
  • Tenancy
    • Rental Agreements
    • Bond
    • Property Condition Reports
    • Paying Rent
    • Repairs
    • Your Privacy
    • Ending a Tenancy
    • Landlord Disputes
    • Legal Action

Outreach services are also available in Narrogin and Moora

We also deliver Community Legal Education sessions and workshops to local community groups and organisations on a range of legal issues.


9:00am – 4:00pm, Monday - Thursday.


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