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Please click on the below titles for short videos explaining Guardianship and Administration:

What are Orders?

What guardianship and administration orders are, how they differ from one another and the different types of orders that might be made. 

How to Prepare for a Hearing

How a hearing works, including familiarising them with the State Administrative Tribunal building and its processes.

Changing or Appealing an Order

What happens after an order is made, including grounds for a review or appeal.

Subject to resources, the Mental Health Law Centre can provide assistance on guardianship and administration matters. 

Lawyers at the Centre can assist with:

  • Seeking a review of a guardianship or administration order;
  • Seeking a change to a guardianship or administration order, for instance, for a different individual to become the guardian or administrator;
  • Seeking to revoke a guardianship or administration order;
  • Representing at hearings; and
  • Appealing against a decision.

Clients must meet the eligibility criteria for the Mental Health Law Centre services and they require 10 working days’ notice for both Guardianship and Administration matters.